Building & Inspections

The Building Inspections Division ensures development proposals comply with building codes, ordinances, regulations and standards set forth by the city and other regulatory agencies.

The division's duties include:
  • Investigating complaints pertaining to code violations
  • Overseeing the city permit issuance process
  • Performing prompt and thorough inspections at the various stages of construction
  • Reviewing building plans

Business Licenses

Contractors performing work within the city's limits are required to have a license from the State of Texas and an active business license with the City of Lindale. Business licenses have to be renewed on a yearly basis every January 1. The fee to purchase a business license from the City is $100.


Inspections are to be scheduled through the Community Development Office at 903-882-6861 and at least 24 hours notice is needed unless it is an emergency (to be determined by the inspector).

If an inspection is cancelled after 8 a.m. on the day of the inspection, a trip fee may be charged.

If an inspection is requested and the inspector arrives on a site that is not ready for inspection, a re-inspection fee will be assessed.

If a contractor starts work before acquiring a permit, he is subject to penalties.

All buildings are to comply with the IBC 2015 and NEC 2014 (NFPA 70) Codes.

Dumpster Requirements

An area used to hold a trash receptacle or refuse container with a capacity of more than thirty five (35) gallons shall be located in a Side Yard or Rear Yard but not in a Front Yard and shall be Screened from Public View by an opaque fence or wall of a uniform height of not less than six (6) feet nor more than eight (8) feet.  Except as otherwise provided in this Subsection, the opaque fence or wall shall be constructed in accordance with the requirements of Section 3-41 to 3-43 of this ordinance.  No part of the opaque fence or wall shall be made out of a wire type fencing material.

Commercial trash receptacles or refuse containers:  If a trash receptacle or refuse container that is three cubic yards or larger is located on a Lot that adjoins a Lot used as a Single Family Dwelling then the trash receptacle or refuse container shall be located a minimum of fifty (50) feet from the Side Lot Line or Rear Lot Line that adjoins the Lot used as a Single Family Dwelling.

Permit Applications