Water Utilities

  1. Account Services

    View information about the Account Services Division of Water Utilities.

  2. Backflow Prevention

    Learn more about the city's backflow/cross connection control program in place to protect the drinking water supply.

  3. Billing Inquiries

    Find information about billing inquiries, including what procedures Water Utilities follows for residential billing and payment, how to utilize online payments and automatic bank drafts and information about garbage collection.

  4. Conservation Tips

    Review water conservation tips.

  5. Customer Tips

    View customer tips from the Water Utilities Department.

  6. Drinking Water

    Learn more about drinking water in Lindale, Texas.

  7. Fees

    Review information about Water Utilities fees.

  8. Freeze Contingency Plan

    Review the Water Utilities Department's tips for preparing for freezing weather.

  9. Frequently Asked Questions

    View answers to frequently asked questions about the Water Utilities Department.

  10. Services

    View information about Water Utilities services, including new service, transfer of service and discontinued service information.

  11. Water Rates

    View a table of water rates for the city.